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2022 Events

Ecclesia Times Square Recap and Testimonies


Thank you to all that supported Ecclesia NYC: 12 hours of worship and prayer in the heart of Times Square.   Over 35 ministries came together from across the greater NYC region and from as far away as Kentucky and Texas, and God showed up big time! 

We believe that the many prayers, declarations, and the act of taking communion together as a region have serious consequences in the unseen realm.   At the same time, we also were able to see very real, tangible, and quantifiable testimonies from the army of evangelists, prayer workers, and altar workers that were ministering during the entire 12 hours and as the gospel was preached multiple times.

  • 307 total people were met and engaged in conversation

  • 206 people were personally prayed for that day

  • 28 total recommitments/new surrenders to Jesus

  • 20 verified complete healings

  • 36 people that will be followed up with including new believers, recommitments, and seekers that want to build relationship

Here are just a few of the dozens of testimonies that we received from the day in the words of the Ecclesia evangelism/prayer workers themselves:

"We just gave a man a tract, in this instance, the Father’s love letter and it started everything. This muslim man does not read the tract but just sees the word “Father.” It awakens a deep wound in his heart. This man comes up to me by the outreach table, holding the tract and he says are you with this group, are you with the church, are you a Christian? For the sake of identity I will just call him AJ, And I say yes. AJ says can I talk to you, it’s too loud here can we go over there? There was such an urgency in his eyes and sadness at the same time. He begins the conversation by saying over and over again the church teaches forgiveness, right forgiveness, my heart is breaking as I see this has tormented him. He goes on to say “I am a father and I have a daughter. She is 23 years old but I have never seen her. I want to meet her. I am not a bad man, look at me.. I work hard.. Can you help me meet my daughter? I know where she lives, her name .. I know they have said bad things about me but do not Christians forgive. She is a Christian.” I will stop here. The Holy Spirit took over so beautifully. AJ ended up receiving  Christ as His Savior, repented whole heartedly, received a bible and is now getting plugged into a church. The story begins with a father seeking to be reconciled to his daughter, but it ends with him meeting Abba, our Heavenly Father reconciling AJ back to HIM."

"We went out and met a young woman that had stopped going to church. God had the encounter set up, everything in place to make sure she would know it was Him pursuing her. By the Spirit of God, we said the right words straight from the Father’s mouth and she began to weep. It was a word of knowledge, only He knew. She could not deny it. She began to weep, we invited her back  and as she came back to the tent to get more information even what was said from the stage was for her. She was blown away. He will leave the ninety-nine to find the one. She has been found!"

"God gives keys to unlock hearts. One word spoken makes this young man stop and listen. This young man then goes on to hear the plans that God has for His life. He was not placed here by chance but understands that His future is great. I explained the gospel and with an open heart  the young man receives Jesus as His Lord and Savior. All heaven rejoiced!"

"A member of my group shared the testimony that after praying for a man with a cancerous tumor in his neck, the tumor actually shrunk! Praise God!"

"Many stories of healings came forward where people that were in pain, after messengers prayed were completely healed. The power to heal was present in Times Square. Knees, Backs, Tumors disappeared."

"Jerry was a man who came up for prayer. He had a lot of pain in his feet. He also had trouble hearing. God heeled his feet and had no more pain. We asked him to do something he couldn’t do before and he started dancing and jumped up and down."

"There were many deliverances through out the day. One guy who was delivered earlier in the day who was dancing up by the stage. He fell ground and was set free from demonic activity."

These are just a few of the testimonies that came out of our day in Times Square and there were many others including many that we might never be aware of.

The Church of Jesus Christ came together in power and authority, and Jesus gets all the Glory for this day.  We believe that this is the beginning of much more to come!!  Thank you again to everyone that gave financially and gave of their time to make this day a reality!!

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